About Us

Palmer Cleaners is the leading sanitation firm in London. The Maid services that we provide are of an exceptional quality and that is a statement that can be confirmed by thousands of residents and businesses in London that we have had the privilege to work for in the past seven years. We have been handling cleaning and sanitation jobs with precision and care. We have managed to tailor a list of services that is exhaustive and impressive. A solution to all your problems awaits you with us, so there is no actual reason why we cannot work for you.

Palmer Cleaners London is dedicated to quality and customer comfort. Our company’s motto is “If no one else can do it, we can”. The combination of equipment, skills and attractive prices that we have make us definitely the most adequate choice that you have of a cleaning company today. We believe that by doing our job right we contribute to the overall well-being of one of Europe’s best cities – London. We have a very eco-friendly policy, which comes to show that we are doing whatever is right for the environment as well.

Palmer Cleaners is the team that you want by your side when there is a cleaning job to be taken care of. We are particularly proud of the fact that we are always receiving outstanding customer reviews, because that is the only real proof that we are doing something right. What we can guarantee is that we will not let you down even one bit. When you need a maid service, we will be there for you, regardless of the size of nature of the job, because that is simply who we are. There is not a single reason why you should not count on us.